He said I like fire: strong and fierce, always ready to destruct things that block my path. Yet, he felt warm and happy when he was with me.

The talking is great, but we only can be “friend”, and I’m his “treasure” - a secret that can only lock in a box, maybe temperary, maybe forever.

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New York city camouflage series by Trina Merry

Watch the video after text:

Her models meld into the grey Manhattan skyline as if they’re made of mirrors and glass.

Now body artist Trina Merry has spoken about her head-turning technique, painstakingly painting women so they blend in with New York’s landmarks, after her incredible creations made headlines around the world.

The 33-year-old shuns studios and canvases, instead letting her nude models camouflage seamlessly into the world around them.

Art imitates life: New York body painter Trina Merry’s models blend into the Manhattan Bridge (left) and Guggenheim museum (right) wearing coloured shoes and bikini bottoms. The 33-year-old began her inspiring project after moving to New York from San Francisco because she wanted to provide a ‘reflective view within the landscape’

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Panic! At The Disco: Miss Jackson Acoustic

The bassline from Miss Jackson is the reason I breathe

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the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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"why yes, i do play sports"


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ITS SO FUNNY WHEN BRUCE AS MATCHES IS HANDED HIS BATMAN UNIFORM BY DICK AND JUST STARTS UNDRESSING…… AND THEN GLARES AT BARBARA ALL “DO U MIND??” but says nothing to dick who is standing equally close. it’s ok dick you can watch :)

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It’s warm like you…

Just a little sketch and color practice <3


It’s warm like you…

Just a little sketch and color practice <3

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

Sherlock: If I was to use this card on that lift now, what happens?
John: Erm, the alarms would go off and you’d be dragged away by security.

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